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Developing sustainable employer-led approaches to create a digitally upskilled, job-ready workforce.

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Simplifying the digital skills sector ensuring training meets the needs of employers.

Australia is facing a digital skills shortage. If we are to equip our workforce with the skills to meet a rapidly changing, technological future, we need a new approach.

The DSO has an innovative approach.

We’re working in collaboration with employers, trainers and employees. Their involvement is vital.

We believe it’s a better way to create consistent journey pathways and build relevant digital skills.

Australian employers need workers with digital skills that are relevant, adaptable and can keep pace with change. However, the current system of training is inconsistent, out of date and out of touch.

We will put a far simpler, more user-friendly model in place to build on the sector knowledge and bring the industry together under common objectives. We will use the VET sector to build digital skills journey pathways that meet the needs of employers.

Governments, peak bodies, training providers and employers will be aligned under a common language, shared values and collaborative processes.

We are committed to delivering digital equality. We want to create an easier way for all Australian workers to self-assess and undertake the training that will keep them engaged and employable into the future.

The DSO has a clear mandate for change. We are backed by the Australian Government, but we are also an independent organisation. Working in collaboration with our stakeholders, we’re here to create a better digital future.

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Through research, we are drawing on key data to consolidate perspectives and test the viability of our DSO Digital Skills Development Model.

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