About Us

Our vision

Every person who digitally upskills secures work and businesses can access a pool of digital talent.


Our mission

Develop sustainable employer-led approaches to create a digitally upskilled, job ready workforce.


Our Strategy and approach

To discover, design and deliver employer led approaches to digital upskilling in VET.

What’s the problem?

National problem

Australia is regarded as one of the world’s most successful nations and often ranked highly in international measurements of our economic and social development.

However, this is not the case in digital skills and training. Australia is ranked 40th in the world for digital skills, the sector that will be driving forward growth globally as the world shifts into industry 5.0.

Research shows that one of the core reasons for this is that Australia is facing a national digital skills supply deficit which is ultimately affecting the digital output of our nation. We are not currently producing or upskilling enough quality talent at a high enough rate to deliver to the needs of organisation’s across Australia, large and small.

This is likely to have a significant and growing impact on our nation’s ability to compete on the world stage with world-class talent in digital.
As the growth in digital continues to advance at a rapid rate Australia is falling behind, fast. The fast rate of change in the digital space can be a massive opportunity for Australia to harness and build locally grown, sustainable and inclusive talent.

How DSO will tackle the problem:

Design the foundations

  • Leverage of best practices and captured in a new and simple Digital Skills Development Model.
  • Digital career pathways need to be defined and matched to meet the needs of employers.
  • Use employers to drive skill standards to increase relevancy and valued digital qualifications

Enable Digital upskilling

  • Evaluate, support, and conduct pilots and programmes through testing, learning, evolving and scaling to enable people to digitally upskill easier and encourage life-long learning.

Uplift capability

  • Develop tools, products and processes which are used by employers, training organisations and teachers to deliver great digital training.Integrate employers into the planning and delivery of training.
  • Engage stakeholders Develop a community of employers, training providers, GTOs and training product developers to create an environment that supports innovation in training development and delivery. Engage with communities to ensure the value of ICT/Digital skills are understood and the range of opportunities available in a digital career.
  • Through targeted initiatives we will engage with employers to actively lead discussions, events, working groups and encourage two-way feedback.

A New and Simpler Model that takes an end-to-end view

Placing employers in the lead of an agile process which delivers outcomes.

The pace of change in digital technologies is such that the system which trains and prepares people must be agile, fast and responsive to industry requirements — it requires a workforce who are prepared to regularly upskill.

Australia's economic potential cannot be realised unless employers and their workforce can take advantage of the opportunities offered by having a full spectrum of digital capabilities.

The DSO will deliver change through the Digital Skills Development Model which aims to align our community on common language, purpose and priorities.

The four elements of our Model focus on simpler pathways, assessment outcomes, engaged communities of practice and digital fluency in order to create digital professionals who are fit for purpose and have the competencies for current and future workforce roles.

In doing so, our model aims to unify the sector around priorities, engage employers in a meaningful way and meet the needs of the industry to create a more digitally skilled workforce better aligned to the current and future digital skill requirements of the workforce.

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DSO works closely with representatives from a diverse range of industries.

These organisations may be large, small, rural or urban, but what unites them is their need for highly-skilled digital professionals to enhance the way they do business both now and into the future. We will work with you on an ongoing basis, and apply your valuable feedback to rapidly establish, test and optimise pilot programs in the VET sector.

We encourage employers who are interested in collaborating to get in touch with us. We are always looking for fresh and creative ideas as well as feedback on our current Pilot projects. We are especially keen to hear from a diverse range of employers, such as Indigenous organisations, employers in rural areas and SMEs.

Collaborating with training organisations is key to DSO's approach.

Working with training organisations will help us to create effective and relevant learning opportunities in the digital skills sector. DSO is passionate about the power of vocational education to produce world-class employees who can go on to deliver great things for Australian industry.

Your advice and feedback is very important to ensure we are using best practice methods of teaching and training as we develop our Pilot programs. By working together, we can craft a new training curriculum and pilot original teaching methods that will deliver the job-ready candidates that employers need. We want training providers to bring their expertise, agility and innovation to the table as we develop a new type of learning. Together, we can challenge the status quo and design programs that will provide employers and learners with the digital skills they need for the jobs of today and of tomorrow.

As learners, you are at the heart of the DSO’s work.

Our aim is to improve digital skills VET so that you will emerge from your training highly employable and ready to hit the ground running. As well as developing skills programs that meet the current and future needs of Australia’s employers, we strive to produce cutting-edge, compelling and deeply interesting courses for learners. We want to ignite your passion for digital skills, whatever your experience level.

We want to connect with a range of learners. This means first-time digital students, current employees hoping to transition to a new role and digital experts who need to stay ahead of the curve. Without your valuable input and feedback on our programs, the DSO will not be able to achieve its mission.

DSO was established as part of the Australian Government’s national skills reform ‘Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow.’

Funded by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, DSO is part of an important network of bodies established to shape the national training system. This includes the Mining and Human Services Skills Organisations, as well as the newly-established National Skills Commission. Collaboration with government at the state and territory level is at the heart of our approach as we ensure the skills needs of the whole country are addressed.

DSO thrives on learning and collaborating.

Collaboration with industry organisations and peak bodies is an important part of DSO’s success. Your deep knowledge of employers and industry expertise is invaluable as we work to deliver improved digital skills training in Australia.

We want to work with you to ensure our programs and calls for feedback reach a diverse and relevant industry audience. Your expertise and networks are key to spreading the message of the DSO and encouraging greater participation in our programs.

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