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Evaluation Partner Request for Proposal

This RFP seeks to find suppliers who wish to provide evaluation services to support the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) with evaluating all its programs including but not limited to qualifications trial, fluency project and various other capstone programs.

In 2020, the Government established the Digital Skills Organisation as a pilot to test innovative solutions that align digital training with the skills needs of employers (Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) 2020). The DSO seeks to bring together the islands of best practice models in the current training market, learn from these experiences through pilots, and co-design a Digital skills Development Model to skill the Australian workforce.

DSO programs are focussed around three main areas:

  • Demystifying digital careers by describing simple pathways that are more accessible to employers, training providers and potential employees.
  • An approach that assesses the outcome of training rather than the training process itself.
  • Engaging employers at the earliest opportunity to ensure that those who are trained are getting the relevant training that leads to real jobs.

The RFP will open 18 August 2021 and close 8 September 2021 , if you are interested in obtaining further information or responding to the RFP please email [email protected]

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