Educate People

Year13 DigiSkills Academy

To streamline digital career pathways and make digital training more accessible for everyone, DSO has partnered with school-leaver service provider Year13 to demonstrate the value and diverse opportunities of careers in the digital technology sector.

The partnership is a world-first, data-led approach to optimising the school to work transition as a local solution to combating the increasing crippling skills gaps in the Australian economy. This pilot is aimed to highlight that we can bridge the skills gap via having a structured pipeline of well informed, local young talent leaving the school system and entering the growing digital sector.

Digital toolbox

We have launched the DSO Toolbox to close the national digital skills gap and improve digital capability for all. Employers can use the tools, which include an assessment, to understand the digital skills status of their own organisations or allow individuals to gain a better understanding of their own digital potential.

From aptitude testing, self paced human skills’ learning, free courses and a “Next Gen’’ lifelong learning support tool, our Digital ToolBox pilot provides you exclusive access to develop your team's digital skills, obtaining immediate value within your organisation.


We have partnered with SkillFinder to offer employers and employees an easy way to identify digital skills gaps and find the best courses to provide them with new practical digital skills. Our Program is called SkillUP and it involves taking a short assessment to identify the right free courses to digitally upskill through Skill Finder.

There are over 3000 courses listed on Skill Finder in 13 categories, including computer basics, digital marketing, keeping your computer secure, coding and many more backed by big players in the tech sector like Google, Adobe, Canva, Microsoft and Atlassian.

The SkillUp pilot aims to:

  • Demystify the digital upskilling journey.
  • Make it easy for organisations and employers to access free, online, digital upskilling tools while being able to measure the tangible business impact.