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Your engagement is vital, as only when employers are engaged throughout the training process, employment rates can be in excess of 80%.

The solution lies in adopting a skills-based approach.

Today’s work is evolving quickly, traditional job descriptions lack relevance and with the rapid pace in technology, employers need to start recruiting and upskilling based on digital skills, rather than outdated role definitions.

A skills-based approach:

  • Understands and evaluates the capabilities of individuals based on the skills they’ve developed through all sources (experience, formal and informal training).
  • It is outcome-focused so aligns with the needs of employers seeking to hire talent that can produce the outputs that they need, regardless of their educational journey
  • Unlocks the potential of a more diverse digital workforce
  • Uplifts the general population
  • Promotes life-long learning to remain current in the ever changing digital space, driving continuous innovation and achieving competitive advantage.

To achieve a skills-based approach DSO is offering:

Digital Skills Standards:
Employer-led digital skills standards to ensure consistency of training outcomes irrespective of how individuals are trained, accelerating capacity and capability and increasing an individual's transferability.

This involves workforces assessments to discover skills gaps and opportunities in your workforce  against the standard. Then adopting either ready to go Industry endorsed skills or customising  your own skills standards and assessments to meet your specific organisational needs.

Digital Skill Pathways:
Forging new digital pathways that understand the skills needed for occupations in a unifying language and taxonomy recognised by all with help better  align employers, learners and training providers.  Employers can trial and use the pathway process to

  • Develop digital skill maps and articulate job requirements to attract fresh or mid-career professionals
  • Reskill existing employees to build digital capacity
  • Recognise skills and invest in training employees for career development and skills upgrades.

Digital Centres of Excellence:
The opportunity to work with a DSO endorsed networks of specialist training providers who are experts in the skills-based approach. They enable skills based training, workforce skill analysis, and provide expert skills-based training solutions aligned to a particular digital skills pathway. See more about these in action at our Cremorne Project page.

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