How can I get involved as a training provider?
We are systematically assessing all providers in the market throughout our planning of future pilots. If you’re interested in participating as a training provider, let us know. As plans progress, we will get in touch with those that we feel are relevant and that we can provide value to.
Are there prerequisites to take the pilot programs?
No there are no prerequisites needed to participate in our pilot programs. Students from the Train 100 Data Analyst pilot were taken from an incredibly diverse pool, some with considerable experience in the tech world, others who had next to none. Students also ranged anywhere from currently employed, to under-employed or unemployed.
As learning and education is technology-driven, who is leading the digitisation process? Industry-led, community-led, politically-led?
The DSO sees the process of digitally uplifting Australia as requiring leadership from Government, Industry and the community in general. Our aim is to support this by having an "end to end" approach that simplifies what digital skills are and includes simple pathways that allow individuals to understand and make informed choices as to how they can up-skill themselves, whilst also enabling exactly the same at Government and Industry level.
What is the DSO Skills Assessment Framework?
The DSO Skills Assessment Framework currently sees a set of Employer Standards, agreed by a cross-section of employers, that state the critical minimum standards required to be employable now. These standards focus on delivering outcomes and are tool agnostic. So it doesn't matter how you learned your skills, and on what systems, it matters that you prove to employers you have the minimum competencies required to perform on the job. This gives the training providers the freedom to then be truly employer-led, being able to conduct just the right training, at the right time, and not have to follow a curriculum that may well be out of date.
Will training programs be delivered online considering that outside of the main cities there are often no local training options for these skills?
Yes, online delivery options are recommended and strongly supported for training programs. This means facilitated, synchronised online delivery as well as asynchronous delivery.
How long do the training programs take?
The length of training programs depends on the critical skills that are needed for that digital pathway and the cohort of students who are being trained. Our focus is more on outcomes rather than how they achieve the outcomes (i.e. length of program)
What funding is provided to students and employers undertaking this training?
In the case of the Train 100 pilot, course funding was provided by the DSO. Future iterations will investigate other options for cost-sharing between Government/ Employer/Individuals.