Test, Learn, Evolve, and Scale

Test, Learn, Evolve, and Scale


The DSO has planned a suite of Pilot Projects to take place across Australia which strives to create a collaborative environment where stakeholders across industry, VET, peak bodies, and government can come together to work on innovative training solutions for digital skills.

Our projects are designed to increase positive outcomes for both learners and employers, through increased enrolment, completions, and employment. These are based on a test, learn, evolve and scale approach to ensure meeting the needs of all employers, training providers and learners.

Focused On A Case for Change

The outcome of our work is a case for change that is used to drive the evolution of the digital skills sector.

The 4 objective questions laid out below identify the main areas of the current system which need to be considered through pilot programmes.

To answer 4 core questions

  • What are the required digital skills pathways to build the Australian workforce with the skills required ?
  • How to implement a skills based approach to digital training in VET which drives excellence in practice?
  • How to provide inclusive and accessible lifelong learning opportunities for acquiring digital skills at the scale required?
  • How to put in place an approach which meets national and federated governance arrangements?

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