Ross Raeburn

Ross Raeburn

Ross brings 20+ years experience in leading digital marketing agencies, focused on developing intelligent and influential engagement. Having grappled first hand in identifying, developing and retaining Australian digital talent, his perspective on the DSO mission is grounded in practical experience. Championing the intrinsic connection between developing valued and proven partnerships with leaders in the sector and shaping actions and results into compelling communications.

What inspired you to join DSO?

Having experienced my own interpretation of a digital career, one that was led by skills and a direct reflection of market needs, the mission and theory resonated. Equally as a father of two young children, the opportunity to influence our future thinking, models and investment was too interesting to miss.

What do ‘digital skills’ mean in your life and business?

This question gets harder to succinctly answer, partly as digital becomes ubiquitous and partly as the technology itself becomes more invisible, hardware and software that is woven throughout our home and work lives and in doing so, increasing the need for all to understand and appreciate what a connected digital life entails.

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